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Wehl Green

Wehl Green is a 3D printing company specialising in manufacturing industrial parts and is committed to environmental sustainability. The essence of Wehl Green lies in its sustainable approach, as it distinguishes itself by using exclusively recycled materials in all its printing processes. This initiative minimises environmental impact and positions Wehl Green as a benchmark in the industry, demonstrating that it is possible to combine advanced technology with eco-friendly practices to offer customised and sustainable solutions to its industrial customers.

  • Development of the corporate identity: Wehl Green was born as a new project focused on sustainable additive manufacturing, so a corporate identity and logo that faithfully represents its brand personality and is in accordance with its competitive differences were necessary.
  • Web design: We designed a website focused on providing quality information about Wehl Green's processes and services to increase the confidence of its customers and future customers. The information on the new website is structured to serve the interests of the company while responding to the needs and curiosities of its target audience: industrial companies.
  • Launch in social networks in the B2B environment: We carried out the content strategy focused on launching this new additive manufacturing company during the Biennial Machine Tool event. For this, from LeftArrow, we have directed and executed the creation of the necessary content and periodical publication to make Wehl Green's image visible.
  • Ideation and design of graphic materials: Generation of graphic materials that support and reinforce the launch of Wehl Green on Linkedin, such as video interviews, carousels and posters.

Visit the Wehl Green website here.