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Crowdfunding Bizkaia

Crowdfunding Bizkaia is presented as a co-financing platform that facilitates the promotion of innovative projects of companies located in Bizkaia. Its main mission is to generate opportunities for investment and entrepreneurship, providing investors access to responsible projects with high potential in the region. The platform operates under the Equity Crowdfunding model, allowing private investors and professionals at a global level to participate in local initiatives. It is also part of a collaborative network that includes public and private agencies focused on sustainable development and innovation. Crowdfunding Bizkaia is distinguished by its focus on transparency and rigour, carrying out detailed analysis of each project to ensure the confidence of all those involved.

  • Consultancy: LeftArrow has provided strategic consultancy services focused on maximising the effectiveness of Crowdfunding Bizkaia's communications. They have offered detailed advice to develop strategies tailored specifically to the needs of the platform.
  • Automation of emails: From LeftArrow we have implemented advanced systems that have facilitated communication via e-mail of Crowdfunding Bizkaia. To do this, automated messages addressed to investors have been customised, significantly improving communication efficiency. A computerised follow-up of users interested in specific projects has also been established through a system of tags in Mailchimp, ensuring good contact management and the information they demand.
  • Newsletter design: We created visual and functional pieces to keep the Crowdfunding Bizkaia community informed. The newsletters are designed with a homogeneous aesthetic, reinforcing the image of Crowdfunding Bizkaia and ensuring quality information to the target audience.
  • Landings of subscription to online events: Development of optimised pages that facilitate registering participants in key events organised by Crowdfunding Bizkaia. These landings are designed to maximise conversion, integrating intuitive and efficient registration forms. In addition, the design of these pages reflects the visual identity of the platform, improving the overall user experience during the registration process.

Visit the Crowdfunding Bizkaia website here.