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Alimentos Sanygran, S.L. was born as part of a food innovation project conceived by a team with more than 20 years of experience in nutrition and healthy eating. The initial purpose of this project was to create an extruded food made from legumes and cereals to offer an alternative to meat products, primarily aimed at those individuals who follow a diet free of animal products, such as vegans and vegetarians.

  • Web design: We created a new web design for the Sanygran website, which updates the content and aesthetics of the page and unifies it with the evolution that Sanygran has undergone in recent years. All this while maintaining its essence and hallmarks but providing dynamism and the necessary touch of new trends. As a result, Sanygran has obtained a new website in Spanish and English, with quality information aligned with its present and future.
  • SEO: LeftArrow has boosted Sanygran's online visibility in different markets by implementing SEO strategies in Spanish and English. It has positioned its products and services in suitable search results by adapting the content and optimising the website for various audiences, significantly increasing traffic and conversions.
  • SEM: By implementing language-specific advertising strategies, Sanygran has maximised relevant traffic and conversions, making Sanygran stand out in paid search results and expanding its international presence.

Visit the Sanygran website here.