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Comadera is a company specialising in selling wood and carpentry products through its online platform for professionals. Its focus lies in offering various quality products at competitive prices, establishing itself as a reliable and efficient supplier for its customers. Comadera's online platform facilitates the buying process, allowing users to purchase products easily with just one click. Thanks to its network of international distributors, the company offers the convenience of on-site products and a wide selection of wholesale timber at competitive prices.

  • Content creation: We carry out monthly content creation work to provide the website with quality information about Comadera's products and services and samples of current projects they have participated in so that their target audience understands the scope of Comadera's proposals. In addition, all this helps to increase visits, attract potential customers and position the most attractive keywords.
  • Social networks in B2B environment: We carry out the content strategy, content creation and regular publication to strengthen the image and influence of Comadera and support its commercial strategy.
  • Graphic design: Generation of graphic materials, such as ebooks, infographics, catalogues, etc., to accompany your commercial strategy.
  • Email marketing: Design and generate email marketing campaigns for the different markets and sectors targeted by Comadera, segmented by type of customer and business objectives.

Visit Comadera's website here.