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Digital Sales

Internationalization diagnosis

Analysis and reflection of the starting point and internationalization potential of the company in coordination with the sales team.

We adjust the objectives with the budget that we have and define the short-term action plan with a medium/long-term vision.

Digital presence strategy in the new market

Definition of markets, channels, type of customer accounts and buyer profile.

Analysis of the starting situation and preparation of the digital action plan.

Deployment and execution of digital actions based on experience, previous work done and available budget.

Generation of leads in the international market

Search and increase contacts of people or companies potentially interested in our products or services. This phase feeds the rest of the stages and actions, being the center of the entire strategy.

Identification of new export markets

We combine traditional commercial experience with the use of digital tools to identify those markets and channels with sales potential.

Where is the opportunity?

Where does our potential client make inquiries and purchases?

Online sales channel design

Offering our product or service to the right profile at the right times requires planning and adaptation. (industrial social network, present success stories or business case, videoconference, telephone, email marketing campaign, inbound through landing page, others)

ABM (Account Based Marketing)

When we have large accounts, the treatment must be personalized, combining content marketing, technology, digital operations and direct commercial contact. Work ABM by Industry and ABM by account.

Sales poll

Experimentation, testing and confirmation of the interest of our product or service in the market, channel or identified customer profile. The formulation of the strategy must be validated on the field of play; go out to sell and collect the input.

Brand and product alerts

The configuration of alerts to monitor and control companies, technology, projects, keywords, etc., provides high-value information that the Marketing and Sales team uses to deploy commercial actions.

Reporting, monitoring and improvement plan

Definición, seguimiento, control y adecuación de los KPI del proyecto. Estos deben estar alineados con los KPI del resto de equipo de ventas para asegurar la coordinación de ambos equipos. 


Through a computer program we organize and manage all the parameters related to our customers and which gathers information on each individual sales process, from customer acquisition to satisfaction analysis.