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Onura Consulting

In Onura they are a B2B consultancy made up of salespeople with multidisciplinary profiles, being specialists in accelerating business processes and the internationalization of companies, opening markets and generating clients wherever opportunities are detected. Always under the commercial or managerial direction of the client, they prospect, contact, travel and seek business as one more internal commercial.

  • Graphic design: Design of corporate stationery, standardization of presentations, corporate photography, graphics of job offers...
  • Product video:  Generate videos of specific activities for the client.
  • SEO: We carry out a monthly job of SEO positioning to place the web among the first search results related to the sector. This work is crucial to attract new customers, for this, in addition to positioning the main page, we create original content on your blog to offer valuable content, increase visits, attract potential customers and position the most interesting keywords.
  • Web: The previous website had aspects to improve. The design looked dated. It was hardly functional. Configurations and details to be polished were missing. That is why we redesigned the web, creating a new concept in layout.

Visit the client's website here.