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elirecon, an expert in healthcare waste management with over 25 years of experience, was created in response to environmental needs in northern Spain and southern France. Its approach focuses on innovation to address the challenges related to healthcare waste.

elirecon stands out for its attention to the qualitative aspects of healthcare waste management, both on and off-site. Thus, it ensures a positive impact on the environment and the community with sustainability plans such as carbon footprint and water footprint reduction.

  • Web design: We carried out a web redesign focused on providing quality information about Elirecon's processes and services, thus increasing the confidence of its customers and future customers.
  • Content creation and SEO: We carry out monthly SEO positioning work to place the website among the first results of searches related to the sector. This work is crucial to attracting new customers; for this, we create original content on your blog to provide valuable information, increase visits, attract potential customers and position the most attractive keywords in addition to positioning the home page.
  • Social networks in the B2B environment: Implementation of the company page on LinkedIn, content strategy, content creation, and regular publication to strengthen Elirecon's image and influence.
  • Photographs and corporate video: We generated the video and pictures for the new website and elirecon's corporate and commercial presentations. This material is also used to feed social networks with actual content.
  • Graphic design: Generation of infographics and graphic supports to accompany the contents of elirecon and to support its commercial strategy.
  • Email marketing: Design and generate marketing campaigns for the different markets and sectors that are targeted by elirecon, segmented by customer and commercial objectives.

Visit elirecon's website here.