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Additive Mausa

Mausa is an additive manufacturing technology company with MJF technology and post-processing. SME with development of a 3D printing business unit Mausa Group. Specialization in Multijet Fusion printing technology with a mix of post-processing technologies to offer finished parts in the customer's product development and R&D teams.

  • Inbound Marketing and Graphic Design : Creation of exclusive content for the company's sales team
  • Social networks: Periodic postings about the technologies and services offered on social networks. 
  • SEO: We carry out a monthly job of SEO positioning to place the web among the first search results related to the sector. This work is crucial to attract new customers, for this, in addition to positioning the main page, we create original content on your blog to offer valuable content, increase visits, attract potential customers and position the most interesting keywords.

 Visit the client's website here.