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Garazi Castro

Garazi Castro

Content Marketing

"What is not communicated does not exist", said García Márquez, and although it sounds extreme, I think so too. My name is Garazi; I'm a Journalist specialising in Communication Management and a Master's in International Studies. As content manager at LeftArrow, I work on making your company exist, if not for everyone, at least for your target audience.

I started my career in the media and press agencies. I later changed to corporate departments and advertising agencies. Why is this important today? I can have an integral vision of the communication needs of each company and generate strategies to cover them. Capacities that are reinforced by a curious, intellectually restless and optimistic spirit.

Daily, I work on my inter- and intrapersonal communication; I talk A LOT, ask questions and meditate on every answer. Thanks to this, I understand my clients, their objectives and values because before writing, you have to understand.

FYI: I'm a millennial, a Leo with Virgo ascendant, and an Enneagram type 3 if it helps you to know more about me.