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Alfonso Gonzalez

Programmer and solutions integrator

Hello, my name is Alfonso González, computer technician and web application developer.

I have always been curious about how things work. Technology and software are stimulating and I ended up studying computer science.

That curious spirit leads me to understand that software and hardware have a lot in common. What one part does affects the others and by applying logic you can find out why an application or a machine fails or is not optimal. EVERYTHING is a gear of more elements and if you make them work well together it is wonderful.

When family and friends used to call me a geek it seemed like an insult. Today I understand that I should answer that "with great honour".

After 7 years working in the official Apple technical service and 19 years giving hardware and software support in a graphic arts company, a change in my working life made me rethink "my path" and I decided to improve my knowledge by professionalizing my experience as a web application developer.

I came to LeftArrow with the same spirit I was talking about. Searching how to make and improve solutions that make a difference.